E-bike share

Bike sharing is a new model of transportation that has gained popularity in recent years. It is healthy, sustainable, alternative transportation choice. Shared electric bicycles could provide even better service compared to regular bike shares. Electric bicycles allow users to do greater distance and faster trips reducing the pedalling effort. Ongoing pilot tests will allow to collect data of electric bike sharing system performance and evaluate the feasibility.

Project information

The electric city bike project or SAMKebike is the first automated electric bicycle sharing system in Finland. It provides shared electric bicycles available to students, faculty and staff at the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. The users can access bikes free of charge since the bike share is a research project. Project is funded by Satakuntaliitto, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) and City of Pori.

Solar energy

The electric bicycles are located at the solar shelter by the SAMK campus. The solar panels produce clean energy to power up the batteries for the e-bikes.

Project execution

The idea of electric bike share originates from Smart Sustainable Cities course at SAMK. The project was mostly carried out by students themselves from various fields such as Electrical, Environmental, Construction, IT engineering and business students.

Project staff

Riitta Dersten

Lehtori, projektikoordinaatori


Madara Kupce

Environmental Engineering graduate



Ville Katajisto

Environmental Engineering graduate



Samuli Löf

Harjoittelija, IT opiskelija


Sami Lindgren

Harjoittelija, IT opiskelija


Jan-Erik Suckman

Harjoittelija, sähkö- ja automaatioinsinööri, opiskelija


Petri Yli-Nikkilä

Harjoittelija, sähkö- ja automaatioinsinööri, opiskelija


Mikko Metsälehto

Harjoittelija, rakennustekniikan opiskelija


Jere Kalliomäki

Harjoittelija, rakennustekniikan opiskelija


Jarno Maja

Harjoittelija, rakennustekniikan opiskelija